Beading tool to create beatiful patterns.

Powerful web tool to bring your imagination to life.

Everything you need to create a beautiful masterpiece that will make you proud.
Support Peyote, Brick, and Loom.

Amazing features that make your work easier

Everything you need to express your creativity

Powerful tools

A lot of tools that give you power to create the pattern exactly like you want.

Images to patterns

High-quality process to convert your images into patterns

Support every device

The app will adapt to every devices so you can use from your PC/Mac or from your Tablet/Smartphone

Speed Optimized

We constantly working to make it as fast possible to give you the best experience

Customizable Palettes

You can define your palettes to make your life easier

Print and Export to PDF

After you finish your masterpiece we allow you to print or export to PDF with very detailed instructions

Let's begin

Quick tutorial to get familiar with the tool

about image

Login with Google or Facebook

This will allow to store your patterns in your private store so you can always access to them from any device.

Pattern data

Choose pattern size and type

You can now choose the size of your pattern and which type to use (Peyote, Brick or Loom).

about image
about image
Upload Image

Upload your own image

Upload your own image you are looking to convert into a pattern. Select from the menu Image and submenu Insert Image.

Convert Image

Convert Image to Pattern

Now position the image below the pattern and choose from the menu Image and submenu Transfer Image. Experiment with different number of colors and methods.

about image
about image

Print pattern and instructions

You can now print or export PDF of the pattern with detailed instructions. Enjoy!