How To Draw A Simple Pattern From Scratch

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How To Draw A Simple Pattern From Scratch

Are you looking on to draw a pattern from scratch? Maybe a client wants you to make a bracelet that carries their name. Or a boyfriend ordered a bracelet for her girlfriend and want it to have the words “ I love you.” In such cases, it might be a challenge figuring out how to go about it. You pick a paper and pen and try to conceptualize the idea. This task can be tiresome and time-consuming.
But the good news is, you can develop a simple pattern from scratch using Bead pattern maker. The process is simple and will save you a lot of time compared with doing the same manually. In this tutorial, we take you through the process of drawing a simple pattern from scratch using the Bead pattern maker.
Let’s go.

1. Choose your preferred pattern stitches

When drawing a pattern, your stitch type can make the process easy or challenging for you. So, the first step in this process is choosing the right pattern stitch. Primarily, the Bead pattern maker offers three stitch options. These are Loom, Peyote, and Brick.
To do this, go to the left sidebar. Under the pattern, click the sub-heading “stitch.” A dialog box will pop up. Scroll down and pick one of the stitches from the three options. However, if you are creating word/name patterns, it is recommendable to use Loom as your stitch style.

2. Select your palette

After choosing your pattern stitch, the next thing is to pick your palette. Your palette of choice should offer colors that you want to use in your simple pattern. With this, it will be easier for you to craft your pattern with minimal challenges.

To choose a palette, go to the right sidebar. Under Palettes, click the selection icon and pick your preferable palette. 

3. Start drawing your pattern using add bead option

Now, you have your pattern stitch and palette. It is time to get into action. Pick your name or word and start drawing them on the pattern mesh. To make your pattern colorful and appealing, consider using a pair of colors or more. Also, ensure the editing tool is on adding bead option.

So, pick your first color and start drawing your first letter on the pattern mesh. For instance, in this example, the pattern is the word ‘ITALY.” Our color of choice for the first letter “I” is Silverlined Flamed Red. Repeat this process for other letters until you complete your word or name bead pattern. 

Sometimes, you might make errors when drawing your pattern. Maybe, you use a color that you did not intend. If such a case arises, you can easily correct it using the editing option on the toolbar. 

All you need is to choose the “remove bead” option. Click on this option and remove the beads with the unintended color. When done, shift back to the “add bead” option and replace them with the right color.

4. Save, print, or export your pattern to PDF

After completing your simple pattern, all you need to do is print it out, export to PDF or save to cloud. The Bead Pattern provides you with three options.  If your customer does not have a PC or smartphone, you can print the pattern and send it to them. 

Otherwise, saving it in the cloud is the most recommendable option. You can consider it before taking the other two options.

5. Transform the pattern into a physical item

Congratulation, your simple pattern is complete. Now, all you need is to convert the bead pattern into a physical item. 

As you can see, the Bead pattern maker is a great tool. It not only helps you to turn images to bead patterns but also is useful in developing your artistic creativity. Hence, consider applying it on your next task. 

Happy beading.


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