14 of the Most Promising Small Business Possibilities Available Right Now

14 of the Most Promising Small Business Possibilities Available Right Now

Have you been bitten by the entrepreneurial spirit and considered launching a small business? You know that people can and do get rich by striking out on their own. The allure of starting and managing one’s own company is powerful.

It’s odd because I never gave much attention to becoming an entrepreneur before now. I never considered it as a kid, a teen, or a college student, and to be honest, I didn’t give it much thought once I began my professional career.

One of the best ideas I’ve ever had was starting my own little business, and when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance.

These are 14 quick-and-easy company concepts you can launch right away:

Here are some of the most innovative concepts for new kinds of small businesses to mull over.

These are the top small company credit cards to look into if you want to launch a new firm.

1. Uber:

The ease with which someone with a good driving record can establish their own Uber business is a major factor in its placement at the top of this list. There is minimal training involved, and you can get started making a decent living wage during off-hours. Though driving for Uber won’t make you rich, it could free up time for you to focus on a side hustle that truly lights your fire.

After registering on their website, they will check your credentials. When you’re done, you’ll need to take your car in for an inspection before hitting the road.

2. Financial analyst:

I can’t possibly put my line of work in a blog post about successful startup companies. As a financial planner, you can choose your own hours, collaborate with clients you like, and earn a competitive salary.

I don’t want to give the impression that becoming a financial adviser is simple; it’s not. Being recruited can be difficult, especially for those without a financial background, and it can take a long time (often years) to build up a client base.

Getting your insurance license is typically the first step for independent organizations like Primerica and Global Financial Group that will hire you. Still, it’s a decent entry point for such a cool industry.

3. An Insurer:

Although the prospect of making a living selling insurance may not appeal to everyone, it is a lucrative profession nonetheless. Insurance agents, whether they specialize in life or property and casualty, have the potential to earn a comfortable living wage.

It will only set you back a couple of hundred dollars to take the fundamental exams required to earn your license, and that includes the cost of study materials and the exams themselves. The proliferation of independent brokerages has made it simple for anyone to start working as a life insurance agent on their own.

Depending on where you live, securing property and liability insurance may seem challenging. Adding an insurance segment to my financial planning practice has been met with some resistance from insurance companies so far.

But, if you think you’d enjoy working in the insurance industry and helping people, it’s a nice job and a good small business concept.

4. Freelance writer:

The irony of that is that I detest writing, despite the fact that you are currently reading one of my blog posts and that I have a blog. The main reason for this is that producing quality posts requires a lot of time, effort, and extra brain power. Yet, if you have the ability to produce quality articles in your spare time, freelance writing may be the appropriate choice for you.

Freelance writer Miranda Marquit, who contributes to my website, turned her writing gigs into a full-time side hustle. You may read her tale in an essay she wrote about how to be a successful freelance writer. She is able to work from home for no more than 30 hours a week as a freelance writer while also providing for her family. Not bad for being able to produce 70 words per minute.

5. Create and Market Clothing:

My wife was pleased to display my son’s birthday blouse, which a nearby seamstress had created on her own, for his first birthday. Before I knew it, this was a birthday tradition for all of my children, as well as for other special occasions.

It turns out that Angie Congiardo has amassed a very great side income through her expertise in sewing. She tells me that she does it on the side and that in the first full year that she tracked it, she was able to make $11,000. Not bad for a home-based small business venture.

She just uses her Facebook Fanpage for advertising, which is free as most of you are aware. There is definitely room for you to start a side hustle if you are skilled at sewing any kind of garment.

6. Saying cheese:

Are you a photography aficionado? If you do, there is unquestionably a market for you.

My two pals who are photographers both made a tonne of money. Jason York, my closest friend, and owner of Jason York Photography made a living out of his passion for photography. One of the most well-known photographers in our region, he now has his own studio.

Another of our friends, who works a full-time job, has been able to take images on the weekends and in the evenings to earn a really nice side income. She has accomplished this by using Facebook to promote her business via word-of-mouth, just like Angie did. Taking images and getting paid for them has never been simpler because of the amazing technology that modern cameras offer and the amazing free editing software tools that are available.

7. Care for children or pets:

We have three small sons, so it’s important that my wife and I spend time together away from the house. My wife and I have talked about the appropriate babysitting fee since the very first time we hired someone to watch our children while we were away.

We came to the conclusion that we should pay a little more than what they might make elsewhere since we didn’t want to be cheap to the people who would be watching our children while we were gone. Babysitting services will always be in demand so long as young couples continue to start offspring. The same holds true for pet-sitting services.

When we go away for more than a few days, we always leave our boxer, Klaya, with a pet-sitting service in the area. They’ve earned a tonne of positive reviews from us for keeping the dogs occupied and clean before we get home from work by letting them run around and play. The point is that consumers will always be willing to pay a premium for excellent treatment.

8. Virtual assistant:

When I first heard the term “virtual assistant,” I had no idea what it meant. I was so impressed by his book that I immediately began planning how I could start using it.

Now in the present day, I use a virtual assistant to assist me with some of the administrative tasks associated with running this site. There’s a lot of paperwork that has to be done, and while I am capable of doing it, I think it’s better off having someone else take care of it at a reasonable hourly rate.

So what, exactly, does one expect from a digital helper? The capabilities of a virtual assistant are virtually limitless. They are able to organise schedules, compose and respond to emails and phone calls, conduct Internet searches, and make trip arrangements. What a virtual assistant can’t accomplish is a more pertinent question.

Hire a virtual assistant if you find yourself spending time on menial tasks when you could be pursuing your true passion and making more money. Inexpensive virtual assistants can be found on websites like onlinejobs.ph and odesk.com.

9. Chief Operating Officer of Social Media:

There has never been a better time to be a social media manager than now, what with Facebook and Twitter still expanding and other social networks like Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram gaining ground.

There is a high demand for persons with expertise in the social media sphere from small businesses, brands, and websites to assist them to coordinate their presence across the many channels. You’ll fit right in as a social media manager if you enjoy using platforms like Facebook and Twitter and think you can help a small business maximize its use of these sites.

10. Value Opinions services:

Before becoming a financial advisor, one of my former coworkers had worked in an appraisal agency. The constant flow of calls from clients in need of commercial evaluation services convinced him to keep his license active. The demand for property appraisals, whether residential or commercial, will persist so long as there are buyers and sellers.

It’s not too difficult to enter; there are just a few exams you’ll need to complete before you can start making money. You’ll need to network like crazy to get the word out about your firm, but after you’ve established yourself in the community and earned the trust of your satisfied customers, the referrals will start rolling in.

11. Profession Devoted To Offering Advice:

Is there a particular area or subfield in which you are widely recognized as an authority? If this describes you, perhaps a career as a consultant would be ideal. Many businesses find that hiring consultants are more cost-effective than hiring full-time workers.

When compared to other types of businesses, consulting firms have relatively minimal start-up costs, which is a major perk for you as a business owner. It is information you already own. You need a new website, a solid game plan, and an effective marketing approach to get your business in front of your target audience.

12. Begin a Weblog:

Many people’s ideal job would involve working from home, preferably in one’s pajamas, writing blog posts for a financial reward. The number of people who can actually make a living off of their blogs is high, but still in the minority.

Blogging is a time-consuming endeavor. I spend about 20 hours a week handling the administrative details of this blog behind the scenes. Thankfully, it’s something that I find quite enjoyable.

How lucrative is it to launch a blog as a business? The possibilities are endless, but progress is slow.

Five months and a paltry $100 later, I finally received my first Google Adsense cheque from this blog. Not something you should give up your day job for.

Since then, I’ve been able to make a respectable supplementary living.

13. Hairstylist:

To do a good job of cutting my own hair, I would need more than just ten fingers. That’s why I always consult an expert in the field.

My hairdresser of many years has recently started a business with her given name. She previously worked at several other local establishments. After taking the big plunge, she has built a solid clientele and hasn’t looked back.

Thanks to some fantastic Intuit-made software, her iPhone doubles as both her company phone line and her credit card terminal. But, because she is careful with her spending, her business is thriving and growing, and she is reaping the benefits of being her own boss.

14. Get a Franchise Up and Running:

In high school, I knew someone whose parents ran four or five McDonald’s restaurants. They were, needless to say, armed to the teeth! If you want to start a business but don’t want to come up with your own concept, a franchise could be the perfect solution for you.

From what I can tell, my friend, a serial franchise entrepreneur, is doing rather well with the multiple Little Caesar’s pizza franchises he has opened in our area. He wasn’t content with his success, so he opened a second location of Sports Clips, a barbershop for males. He now has three of them and is expanding rapidly.

Understanding the specifics of your franchise of choice is crucial before getting started.

The Next Small Business Chance:

Inspiring tales of individuals who take the plunge after coming up with a great idea for a small business are among my favourites to hear. The chances are stacked against you, so it’s important to prepare thoroughly and have lots of money on hand.

Have you recently launched a startup? What was the name of your small company idea that got you hired? Have you thought of being an entrepreneur? What are the specifics?